Hanoi By Locals provides the unique local experience of Hanoi to visitors. We gather a team of locals living and working in Hanoi. They know Hanoi quite well and select the best experience to help you discover our city. You can choose to discover Hanoi with these unique experiences of local life, culture, and cuisine.

Let’s choose the best experience in Hanoi!

Morning life in Hanoi

Hanoi Morning Tours on Motorbike

A morning tours to discover the local life of Hanoi, you will sit on a motorbike and take a short trip in different streets and corner of Hanoi. Believe me, the morning life of Hanoi is so unique to...

Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hanoi Afternoon Motorbike Tours

Take an insight into local life and attraction of Hanoi with an afternoon motorbike tour. Riding on the motorbike is the best way to explore the streets of Hanoi, moving between hundreds of other...

Dinner with Hanoi local family

A homemade Vietnamese dinner at a local family is the best way to start exploring the local life of Hanoi. For us, dinner is the gathering time of the whole family, after a long working day. It is...