Discover The TOP #5 Halong Bay Luxury Day Cruises

by Oanh Phạm

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable Halong bay luxury day cruise  to one of the world’s natural wonders? Halong Bay, located in Quang Ninh Province, approximately 170km away from Hanoi, is a must-see destination that attracts millions of tourists every year. This stunning bay offers a range of activities, including sightseeing, kayaking, swimming, and exploring natural caves. In this comprehensive guide, Hanoi By Locals will take a look at the top Halong Bay daily cruises that offer exceptional itineraries, premium services, luxurious facilities, and amenities to help you plan your perfect day trip.

Why Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is a natural wonder of the world, with an area of about 1,553 square kilometers and consisting of 1,900 small and large limestone islands with various shapes. The bay’s uniqueness and crystal-clear waters have been recognized by UNESCO, making it an irresistible tourist destination when visiting northern Vietnam.

Ambassador Cruise II

  • Capacity: 500 guests
  • 5 floors
  • Double sundeck (360 degree view)
  • Itinerary: 7 hour day cruise & 4 hour dinner cruise
  • Depart from Halong International Port

Ambassador Cruise II is a luxurious 5-star cruise that offers a variety of experiences for travelers with professional services, unique itineraries to explore Halong Bay, a gourmet menu featuring premium lobster, and many impressive photo spots.

The ship has a length of 90m, a width of 16m, and 5 floors of facilities, including a swimming pool, restaurant, spa, double sundeck, glass bow, and more, providing the utmost luxury accommodation for travelers on their day trip to explore Halong Bay.

Itinerary: Tuan Chau Port – Surprise Cave – Fairy Lake Cave – Drum Cave – Maze Cave – Cua Van Fishing Village – Titop Island – Tuan Chau.


Sea Octopus Cruise

  • Capacity: 280 guests
  • 4 floors with 2 sundecks
  • Itinerary: 7 hour day cruise & 4 hour dinner cruise
  • Depart from Halong International Port

Sea Octopus is a cruise ship with a length of up to 70m and a maximum capacity of 280 passengers. With its spacious layout and top-notch amenities and services, this ship is affectionately referred to as the “Giant Iron Octopus,” staying true to its name “Octopus.”

Beyond being an ordinary restaurant cruise, Sea Octopus caters to the diverse needs of different customer groups, from children to adults and seniors, with two large restaurants and three VIP dining rooms. It is suitable for couples, families, groups of friends, or VIP guests from major corporations around the world.

To enhance the experience of passengers, Sea Octopus is designed with four decks, bringing you closer to the majestic beauty of the world’s natural heritage. Particularly, at the Bar & Lounge area, you can fully immerse yourself in a state-of-the-art audiovisual system and enjoy professional DJ performances. This is a unique feature that is not commonly found on many cruises.

Itinerary: Ha Long International Port – Surprise Cave – Titop Island – Sun World Beach – Ha Long International Port.


Jade Sails Cruise

  • Capacity: 99 guests
  • 2 decks with restaurant and sundeck
  • Itinerary: 7 – 8 hour cruise to Lan Ha Bay
  • Depart from Tuan Chau Marina (Halong)

Jade Sails is a 5-star cruise ship that offers a voyage to the two most beautiful bays in the North region: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. The ship boasts a luxurious and cozy design, along with a comprehensive security system to ensure the safety of all passengers on board.

The interior and design details of Jade Sails Cruise showcase a harmonious blend of Vietnamese culture and European style, creating a unique and fascinating beauty that sets it apart from other cruises. The spaces on the ship are meticulously and thoughtfully designed, offering a range of luxurious and upscale amenities such as outdoor/indoor restaurants, indoor seating areas, bars/waiting lounges, loungers, sunbathing decks, and more.

Itinerary: Tuan Chau – Lan Ha Bay – Tuan Chau.

overview of the Lan Ha Bay luxury day cruise


Catamaran Cruise

  • Capacity: 99 guests
  • 2 decks with restaurant and sundeck
  • Itinerary: 7 – 8 hour cruise to Lan Ha Bay
  • Depart from Tuan Chau Marina (Halong)

Catamaran is a luxury cruise officially launched in 2020. It combines modern amenities with European style and elegance.

The ship features a sleek white metal hull, resembling the design of luxurious super yachts around the world. With Catamaran, you will have the most amazing and unique experiences, unlike any other day cruises in Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

Itinerary: Tuan Chau – Lan Ha Bay – Ba Trai Dao – Tuan Chau.

La Casta Daily Cruise

  • Deck 1 and Deck 2: Dining area.
  • Deck 3: Spacious sundeck with an outdoor Jacuzzi hot tub
  • Capacity: 99 guests
  • Itinerary: 7 hour Halong Bay cruise
  • Depart from Tuan Chau Marina

La Casta Daily is a luxurious 5-star cruise with a predominant color scheme of white and brown, creating a warm and elegant ambiance for passengers. The interior of the ship is fully imported with modern amenities such as bathtub, kettle, WiFi, TV, and more.

With its large space and a maximum capacity of 99 passengers, La Casta Daily will provide you with a fun, comfortable, and relaxing journey to explore Halong Bay. During this trip, you can relax in the waiting room, enjoy a cup of tea, and admire the beautiful scenery on the sundeck. All of these experiences will be truly fantastic!

Itinerary: Tuan Chau – Surprise Cave – Titop Island – Luon Cave – Tuan Chau.

How to Choose the Best Halong Bay Daily Cruise?

When choosing the best Halong Bay daily cruise, what should you consider:

Itinerary & Experience

Most of Halong Bay day cruise offers the 4 hour and 6 hour cruising journey through Halong Bay. 6 hour cruise is the most popular itinerary to explore Halong Bay in a package tour with transfer from Hanoi and back in the same day.

However, there are many other longer cruise that bring you a 7 to 8 hour cruise trip. This tour lets you explore Halong Bay with extra time for kayaking, visiting cave or island. The tour starts at 10:00 AM from habour then back at 5:30 PM. It is possible to start the tour from Hanoi at 07:00 AM


Most of Halong Bay day cruise boat offers you a 2 decks. While the 1st deck is the restaurant serving lunch onboard, the second deck is where you captute the best Halong bay beauty with sundecks…

However, the new Halong Bay luxury cruise as Ambassador, Sea Octopus Cruise brings you more facilities with spacious restaurant, lounge, pool, spa and more…

swimming pool on Jade Sails
swimming pool on Jade Sails


The services on Halong Bay day cruise includes lunch onboard, some outdoor activities as kayaking, cave visting, island trekking, bamboo boat rowing. The level of service quality depends on the cruise you choose but it will meet your expectation for a day cruise to explore the marvelous beauty of Halong Bay


Finally, you need to consider the price of the daily cruise. You should look for a cruise that offers reasonable and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You should also consider the quality of the services and facilities offered by the cruise to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Additional Information

Before booking your Halong Bay daily cruise, you should also consider the weather conditions, the best time to visit Halong Bay, and the transportation options to get to the port. It’s also essential to book your cruise in advance to avoid any last-minute rush and to ensure that you get the best deals and availability.


Halong Bay day cruises offer a unique and unforgettable experience to explore one of the world’s natural wonders. With a range of options available, you can choose a cruise that suits your preferences, budget, and travel needs.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious facilities, exceptional itineraries, or premium services, these top five daily cruises will provide you with an unforgettable journey to discover the beauty of Halong Bay.

Oanh Phạm

Written by Oanh Phạm