Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter

10+ tourist attraction in Hanoi

Hanoi has full of things to do, Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter remains ancient architecture building, while the local life is so unique. Hanoi has a combination of the old and new looks that create interesting things to see and discover. Hanoi is available to discover in the very early morning in Quang Ba flower market to the late evening in Hanoi Old Quarter. This article suggests you 10+ tourist attractions in Hanoi that you can visit during the day.

Top shows and performance in Hanoi

Hanoi has many amazing things to discover. Let’s check out the top 6 famous shows and performances in Hanoi.

Street food of Hanoi

Hanoi street food has been well-know for its fresh ingredients and healthy balance. Here a quick guide to street food of Hanoi and where to taste them!

10+ Museum in Hanoi

Hanoi city is rich in history and culture. Visiting Hanoi for the first time, we suggest you the top fascinating museums to know more about Vietnam, our history, arts, and life.



St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the oldest church in Hanoi, located on Nha Tho Street, situated west of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Old Quarter.

Long Bien bridge

Long Bien Bridge was the symbol of Hanoian people for the resilience, it is also one of the greatest accomplishment of the French colony in Hanoi.

Hoa Lo prison Hanoi

Hoa Lo prison is the unique war museum of Hanoi to keep part of the memory of two wars in Vietnam, French colonial time and Vietnam – US War

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