Explore the “Sacred Night” tour of Hoa Lo Prison in detail from A to Z.

by Oanh Phạm

The “Sacred Night” tour of Hoa Lo Prison was created to faithfully recreate the pivotal moments of the war in Vietnam. Hoa Lo Prison is one of the places that bears witness to the indomitable past of the Vietnamese people during the resistance against invaders. It preserves the losses and sorrows of every Vietnamese patriot, emphasizing the importance of understanding our history. “Our people must know our history,” and these sacrifices should be portrayed to instill national pride, fostering a deeper love for the homeland and a profound respect for the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

Join Onevivu in experiencing the Sacred Night at Hoa Lo Prison through the detailed description provided below!

Introduction to the “Sacred Night” Show at Hoa Lo

The “Sacred Night” show at Hoa Lo vividly recreates the “earthly hell” that Vietnamese soldiers resiliently faced with an unwavering spirit of patriotism during the war.

This performance accurately depicts the harsh realities of war, presenting scenes so authentic they touch the heart. The Sacred Night at Hoa Lo is divided into three parts, each paying tribute to revolutionary soldiers and narrating the unwavering youth of the beloved troops of Uncle Ho. The show has garnered significant acclaim from both domestic and international visitors.

The 'Sacred Night' tour at Hoa Lo.
The ‘Sacred Night’ tour at Hoa Lo.

Venue and Ticket Booking Information

The show ‘Sacred Night at Hoa Lo’ is held at the historical site of Hoa Lo Prison – 1 Hoa Lo Street, Hanoi.

This program is suitable for children aged 10 and above who have a certain level of awareness. It is especially well-suited for young individuals up to seniors at the age of 75, as well as those who have contributed to the revolution and experienced losses and sorrows during the war.

Ticket Prices and Schedule

The ‘Sacred Night at Hoa Lo’ show is organized from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Ticket prices vary for each performance, with different themes influencing the cost.

Specific ticket prices for the ‘Sacred Night at Hoa Lo’ show are as follows:

  • Night 1: Theme ‘Radiant Vietnamese Spirit,’ priced at 399,000 VND per ticket.
  • Night 2: Theme ‘Living like Flowers,’ also priced at 399,000 VND per ticket.
  • Night 3: Theme ‘Flames of Youth,’ with a ticket price of 499,000 VND.

If you plan to stay longer in Hanoi, you can register to attend all three Sacred Night shows at Hoa Lo to experience the meticulous production, gain a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s history, and foster a deeper love for the country!

The 'Sacred Night' tour at Hoa Lo.
The ‘Sacred Night’ tour at Hoa Lo.

Content of the ‘Sacred Night’ Show at Hoa Lo Prison Historical Site

The ‘Sacred Night’ show presented at the Hoa Lo Prison Historical Site will leave viewers in awe of the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people. The narrative seems to transport the audience back to the past, with each viewer sensing the sorrow, pain, and pride of the nation.

The portrayal of revolutionary soldiers, their blood and sweat, and the shackles is vividly evident across the three parts of the ‘Sacred Night.’ This re-creation of the ‘earthly hell’ serves as a place for young individuals to cultivate love for their nation, find motivation in life, and contribute more to society:

Sacred Night 1: Radiant Vietnamese Spirit

This performance draws inspiration from the lives of prisoners at Hoa Lo Prison, reviving the heroic history and poignant past that brings many to tears.

Hoa Lo Prison camp
Hoa Lo Prison camp
The 'Sacred Night' tour at Hoa Lo.
The ‘Sacred Night’ tour at Hoa Lo.

Sacred Night 2: Living Like Flowers

This performance draws inspiration from the internal pain and silent sacrifices of Vietnamese women, the heroic mothers of Vietnam. The show revives the story of revolutionary Nguyen Phong Sac and his wife Hoang Thi Ai escaping imprisonment at Hoa Lo Prison in the year 1945.

The 'Sacred Night' tour at Hoa Lo.
The ‘Sacred Night’ tour at Hoa Lo.

Sacred Night 3: Flames of Youth

This performance is meticulously invested in and staged to recreate the lives of soldiers who were once imprisoned. This tour is highly suitable for younger generations to enhance their patriotic spirit. Particularly, these tours have evoked countless tears from the revolutionaries who contributed to the country and managed to overcome the pains of war.

The experience of the 'Sacred Night' tour at Hoa Lo.
The experience of the ‘Sacred Night’ tour at Hoa Lo.

Additional Notes for Watching the Sacred Night Show

When attending the Sacred Night show, viewers should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Minimize excitement and avoid noisy actions during the show to avoid affecting the mood, emotions, and concentration of those around.
  • Choose formal attire; if wearing a dress or shorts, opt for garments that extend below the knee and avoid excessively revealing tops.
  • Refrain from filming or taking photos during the Sacred Night Tour at Hoa Lo.

We hope the information we’ve shared about the Sacred Night Tour at Hoa Lo has been helpful. Besides purchasing tickets directly 30 minutes before the show, you can also save time by booking tickets online. We wish you a wonderful experience delving into Vietnam’s heroic war history through these performances!

Oanh Phạm

Written by Oanh Phạm