Hanoi train street (Photos & Travel Guide)

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Hanoi train streets seem to be a part of local people’s life. But foreigners are eager to discover the street and enjoy waiting for the train to pass by. If you want to have an iconic tour, get great photos, and live like a local, we suggest you take part in a Hanoi train street tour to adventure Vietnam better. In this article, Hanoi By Locals will give you a comprehensive guide for visiting such special streets. 

Where is Hanoi train street?

Although there are many places you can find life on the track, there are only 2 famous streets to which travelers are introduced to come and visit. They are Tran Phu Street (or Old Quarter) and Le Duan Street. 

  • Old Quarter: At number 5 on Tran Phu Street, many visitors gather day by day to wait for the train to come. They drink coffee, chat, and try to get the best photo in their Hanoi train street tour like this.
  • Le Duan: At 224 Le Duan Street, travelers can also find a good view to take tinctures, relax and get a better look after walking up the small staircase. 
Hanoi train street location
Hanoi train street location

What to experience in Hanoi train street?

There are a lot of things you can discover and experience during a Hanoi on-the-tracks tour. Because this is unique and iconic, it is loved by many foreigners who come to Hanoi, the unique experience has been mentioned on CNN, Lonely Planet.  Check out what you can experience right now, with us!

Enjoy a cup of coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee while waiting for the train coming is great. You can sit down, right on the road or inside the shop, chat, relax, and immerse in nature. The fresh air and cosy atmosphere will make the tour unforgettable. Each coffee shop often offers a long list of drinks for you to choose from, but you can try egg coffee- which is the pride of Vietnamese people. 

Unique Hanoi train street
Unique Hanoi train street
Enjoy coffee on Hanoi train street
Enjoy coffee on the Hanoi train street

People-watching is amazing

Spending time at the shop, looking around, and watching people is a good experience. You can take unique photos, save iconic moments of locals and understand more about the Hanoian. Besides that, you can also catch the beautiful sense of men playing chess, or Vietnamese women preparing dinners with smiles. It is hard to find any fear or worries in their eyes, although their daily life is on track. 

People watching on Hanoi train street
People watching on Hanoi train street

Experience thrilling moment

This must be the most important reason why many say come to visit Hanoi train streets. When the train comes, you are in a thrilling moment. The louder the whistle, the closer the train gets. The distance between the tourists and the train is shorter, which can make many people worried. But if you can calm down, take the phone or camera, you can catch amazing photos. This experience can never come back when the train passes by the rail and goes ahead. 

Amazing Hanoi train street
Amazing Hanoi train street

Shopping on train streets

Besides watching people and waiting for the train coming, tourists can also spend time visiting some shops and buying things. There are traditional dresses, clothes, and many more handmade products for travellers to choose from. You can buy them as meaningful souvenirs for family, friends, and lovers.

Shopping on Hanoi train street
Shopping on Hanoi train street

Hanoi train street timetable 

To get a good tour of the train streets in Hanoi, all travellers need to check carefully for the schedule. There are many choices for you to get, depending on the street you pick for the tour.

  • Le Duan Street: if you choose to visit Le Duan, you can come at one of these two periods of time, 3:30 or 7: 30pm. To be safe and get better photos, you are suggested to get to Le Duan at 3:20 and wait for the train to come. 7:30 PM is quite dark and you can not see things. 
  • The Old Quarter (Tran Phu Street): it is open all week and the time for you to get a picture of the train includes 7:00 PM, 19.45, 21.30, and 22:00 (Monday to Friday); and 6 am, 9 am, 11.20, 15.30, 17.30, 6 pm, 7 pm, 19.45, 20.30, 9 pm, and 11 pm (Weekend).
Hanoi train street
Hanoi train street

Coffee shop at Hanoi train street 

Since the number of tourists coming to visit train streets increases day by day, many coffee shops appear and become popular.

  • Train Track Cafe: 224 Le Duan

There is only 1 coffee shop at Le Duan Street for train tours, the Train Track Cafe. It is located at 224 Le Duan street. The shop gives a cosy atmosphere, with smoothies, and beers for customers. It sells both hot and cold drinks for travellers. 

  • Ca Dong Duong at 5a Tran Phu

The shop design is amazing with old train seats for travellers, and a train door on the wall. The menu is variable and the price is around 20.000vnd. For people who like pets, the shop has a white cat, very cute!

  • The Railway Cafe 

The Railway Hanoi is an old coffee shop, which is located at 26/05A Tran Phu. The advantage of the shop is that its menu is great with a wide range of drinks. It serves many types of cocktails and even banh mi. Having lunch with a great bami, and enjoying coffee after that is exactly what locals do very often.

  • Tram Cafe at 30 Tran Phu Street

The next Hanoi train street coffee shop is Tram Cafe. This shop has a good design, with rice hats outside and blue shutters. It serves both hot and cold drinks for travelers, as well as many types of cafes. 

  • Banana Coffee 

For travellers who love to have a good view for the tour, you all can come to Banana Coffee shop. It has an upstairs balcony, where you can get a wide view to look around. The shop is opposite Tram Cafe and you can also choose one among the many drinks it serves. 

Hanoi train street Photography
Hanoi train street Photography
Enjoy coffee at Hanoi train street
Enjoy coffee at Hanoi train street


Hanoi train street market

Hanoi on the tracks is amazing but iconic. You can not only relax, and take great pictures, but can find some shops in the small market and buy things.

  • Transs (Traditional Dress)

The shop sells chilled-out clothes which are suitable for Westerners. There are big-size dresses for you to choose from and the address is easy to find on Google Maps. If you want to buy something, visit 35/5 Tran Phu Street to get in Trans. 

  • Zó Project at 10 Dien Bien Phu

Zó Project is a unique shop with pretty, cute, and reasonable products. It sells notebooks, many craft goods, and even jewellery. You can buy them as souvenirs for Vietnam tours, to give ethnic minorities income for their work. 

  • Authentic Craft Products

This shop is located at 37 Tran Phu Street, being a good address for accessories. Customers can find many types of trinkets at the store and the price is not expensive for most travellers. Because the shop is near Trans so you can buy both trinkets as well as clothes in a short period of time.

Taking photos at Hanoi train street
Taking photos at Hanoi train street
Local life on Hanoi train street
Local life on Hanoi train street

Having a chance to join a Hanoi train street can give you the best experience. We hope you all have a wonderful tour of the Hanoi capital, and save the best moments ever!

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