Night Tour ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ – Museum of Literature

by Oanh Phạm

The night tour ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ is a new experience in Vietnam’s national cultural heritage, attracting many tourists from both within and outside the country. With a 90-minute experiential journey, visitors will explore the Museum of Literature to discover Chinese characters, the Nôm script, and the Vietnamese alphabet. Particularly, they will have the opportunity to visit the area of 20 statues honoring famous literary figures in Vietnam. In this enchanting space, amidst beautiful scenes and elaborate artistic displays, you will feel immersed in a world of literature full of emotions and depth.

An overview of the “Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài” show:

The night cultural experience tour “Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài” is a unique literary tour, characterized by the cultural and artistic aspects that Vietnam wants to showcase to both domestic and international visitors.

The “Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài” tour can be considered a masterpiece of contemporary art, incorporating modern technologies and sophistication to enrich various valuable literary activities.

Through the “Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài” tour, both local and international visitors will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Vietnam’s culture, literature, and art.

The development journey of Vietnamese literature is encapsulated in the 90-minute participation in the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night event. Additionally, participants can explore calligraphy, enjoy tea and lotus tea, and capture beautiful photos inside the spaces of ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’.

Museum of Literature - 'Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'"
Museum of Literature – ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'”

Venue and Ticket Booking Information

  • The night tour ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ is organized by the Sustainable Tourism Company (S.T.I.D) and takes place at the Museum of Literature located at 275 Âu Cơ, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hanoi.
  • Visitors can purchase tickets by directly visiting the Museum of Literature at least 30 minutes before the tour. Alternatively, tickets can also be booked through the Facebook page of the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ Night Tour.

Ticket Price and Timing

  • The ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night tour has a duration of 90 minutes and is conducted on Saturday and Sunday nights.
  • The ticket price for the show is 150,000 VND per adult, which is relatively affordable compared to other night tours in Hanoi.

Content of the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ Night Tour

  • The ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night tour begins with a visit to the garden area featuring statues of 20 distinguished literary figures of Vietnam, providing an opportunity for souvenir photos.
  • Next is the program ‘Gánh Tâm Gánh Tài’ at the entrance of the ‘Temple of Vietnamese Literature.’ Here, visitors can experience the activity of carrying illuminated feathered lanterns with the characters ‘Tâm’ and ‘Tài.’
  • The following space to explore is dedicated to Vietnamese literature, showcasing genres and works from the Ancient to the Middle Ages. Additionally, visitors will learn about the origin of writing and how literary traditions have been passed down.
  • Afterward, a presentation covers Vietnam’s declarations of independence, such as ‘Nam Quốc Sơn Hà,’ ‘Bình Ngô Đại Cáo,’ and ‘Hòn đá thiêng.’
  • The literary space transitions to focus on the masterpiece ‘Truyện Kiều’ by the great poet Nguyễn Du.
  • The next presentation delves into contemporary literary criticism, exploring works by President Hồ Chí Minh and contemporaneous pieces like ‘Dế Mèn Phiêu Lưu Ký’ and ‘Đoàn Quân Việt Nam Đi…’
  • Visitors will further discover the lives of poet, writer, and playwright Lưu Quang Vũ – Xuân Quỳnh through touching stories.
  • On the second floor of the museum, in the space dedicated to contemporary literary criticism, viewers will experience the artistic work ‘Chí Phèo.’
  • Upon concluding the tour, entertainment activities await, allowing participants to reflect on the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ tour through activities such as crossword puzzles, calligraphy writing, and tea ceremonies.
Museum of Literature - 'Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'"
Museum of Literature – ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'”
Museum of Literature - 'Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'"
Museum of Literature – ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'”

Other Considerations When Attending the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ Night Tour

When attending the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night tour, visitors should pay attention to the following issues:

  • This is the history of literature, the essence of the nation, and the developmental journey of the nation’s art. Therefore, try to focus on listening and understanding, feeling proud of Vietnam’s heritage.
  • Choose comfortable shoes and clothing as, throughout the 90-minute ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night tour, you will be moving between various locations.
  • If purchasing tickets directly at the Museum of Literature, it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure you can buy tickets and enter the show on time to fully experience the night performance.
  • During the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ tour, you will move through outdoor spaces, so it’s recommended to bring an umbrella to be prepared for unexpected rain showers.
Museum of Literature - 'Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'"
Museum of Literature – ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài'”

For the first time in Vietnam’s tourism sector, cultural heritage and literature are integrated into sightseeing tours. Wishing you the most comfortable time and hope you can fully appreciate the art and literary history of Vietnam through the ‘Chữ Tâm Chữ Tài’ night tour!

Oanh Phạm

Written by Oanh Phạm