Quang Phu Cau Village – Photo and Travel Guide

by Oanh Phạm

Quang Phu Cau Village, nestled in the heart of Vietnam, is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends cultural richness with natural allure. Renowned for its traditional craftsmanship in incense making, the village offers a unique glimpse into the age-old artistry that has been passed down through generations. Visitors can wander through charming streets lined with vibrant markets, immerse themselves in the intricate process of incense production, and soak in the serene beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Quang Phu Cau Village invites you to experience the essence of Vietnamese heritage, where time-honored traditions come to life in a picturesque setting.

Where is Quang Phu Cau Village?

  • Quang Phu Cau Incense Village is situated in Quang Phu Cau commune, Ung Hoa district. ( location )
  • The village is located approximately 35 kilometers southwest of Hanoi city center.

Getting to Quang Phu Cau Village from Hanoi?

If you’re wondering how to reach Quang Phu Cau village, there are several transportation choices available to suit your preferences.

  • Car/Motorbike: Opting for a car or motorbike provides a speedy and flexible travel experience. You can easily rent a vehicle in Hanoi or hire a private driver. However, keep in mind the traffic conditions and road challenges.
  • Bus: For a budget-friendly alternative, catch bus number 91 from Yen Nghia bus station in Hanoi. While this option is more economical, be prepared for a lengthier journey and potentially crowded buses.
  • Taxi: Flagging down a taxi or using a ride-hailing app like Grab offers a comfortable mode of transportation. Keep in mind that this option may be pricier compared to other methods.
The beauty of Quang Phu Cau Incense Village.
The beauty of Quang Phu Cau Incense Village.
The check-in spot is always hot and trendy.
The check-in spot is always hot and trendy.

Scents of Tradition: Exploring Quang Phu Cau’s Incense Craftsmanship

Renowned for their exceptional quality and extensive range of fragrances, the incense sticks crafted in Quang Phu Cau Village have earned a distinguished reputation. Among the most sought-after scents are the rich and woody notes of sandalwood, the profound and earthy aroma of agarwood, and the delicate essence of a lotus flower.

Enthusiasts and visitors alike have the opportunity to acquire these fragrant treasures from numerous shops scattered throughout the village or, for a more immersive experience, directly from the workshops where the meticulous art of incense-making unfolds. Whether seeking a specific fragrance or wanting to explore the diverse olfactory offerings, Quang Phu Cau Village ensures that each incense stick not only carries the essence of its chosen scent but also a touch of the village’s centuries-old craftsmanship.

An incredibly beautiful check-in location.
An incredibly beautiful check-in location.
An incredibly beautiful check-in location.
An incredibly beautiful check-in location.

Relaxation Journey at Quang Phu Cau Village: Half-Day Tour of Discovery

This thoughtfully curated experience not only eliminates the concerns of transportation and planning but also ensures that you make the most of your limited time. The tour typically incorporates captivating stops at various workshops, allowing participants to witness the intricate incense-making process firsthand.

Moreover, the itinerary often extends beyond the workshops to encompass visits to local temples and pagodas, providing a holistic understanding of the village’s cultural and spiritual fabric. This well-rounded half-day excursion guarantees a deeply enriching encounter with Quang Phu Cau Village, where every moment is thoughtfully curated to enhance your appreciation of its traditions, craftsmanship, and sacred sites.

Quang Phu Cau Village
Quang Phu Cau Village

Entrance Fee to Incense Village

The entrance fee to Quang Phu Cau Incense Village in Vietnam presents a flexible structure, offering visitors various options based on the components they wish to include in their visit:

  • Standard Entrance Fee: Entrance to the village typically incurs a fee ranging from 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND per person (approximately $2 to $4 USD). This standard fee grants visitors unrestricted access to explore the entirety of the village, stroll through its captivating landscapes and freely capture photographs in public areas.
  • Photo Fees: For those seeking more curated and staged photographic moments against specific backdrops, such as the iconic red incense displays, additional fees may apply. Anticipate paying an extra 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND per person for these exclusive “photo opportunities.” This supplementary charge ensures that visitors can capture memorable moments in carefully arranged settings, enhancing their visual experience of Quang Phu Cau Incense Village.
Hanoi Incense Village.
Hanoi Incense Village.

The Incense-Making Process

The incense-making process in Quang Phu Cau involves the following steps:

step 1: Material Preparation:

  • Agarwood Powder: This is the main ingredient for making incense, obtained by grinding agarwood into a fine powder.
  • Incense Sticks: Made from split bamboo, cut into small, long, and flat sticks.
  • Adhesive: Created from pine resin or plant-based resin.
  • Paper: Used for wrapping the incense, commonly employing brown or parchment paper.

step 2: Mixing Incense Powder

  • Agarwood powder is thoroughly mixed with adhesive. The mixing ratio influences the final quality of the incense.

step 3: Shaping the Incense:

  • The blended incense powder is molded into the desired shape, often cylindrical or conical.

step 4: Drying the Incense:

  • The shaped incense is exposed to sunlight until completely dry.

step 5: Packaging the Incense:

  • The finished incense is packaged in bags or boxes.

step 6: Final Product:

  • Quang Phu Cau incense emanates a gentle and refined fragrance, suitable for use in ancestral worship ceremonies, prayers for peace, and bringing good luck.

Quang Phu Cau Village
Quang Phu Cau Village

Tips to Keep in Mind When Touring Quang Phu Cau

  • Prepare for Photo Fees: If you are interested in capturing professional photos in special settings, be prepared to pay additional fees for these opportunities.
  • Visit Candle Workshops: A crucial part of the village experience is visiting the candle workshops. If possible, learn more about the traditional candle-making process and purchase charming candles as souvenirs.
  • Respect Public Spaces: While exploring the village, adhere to rules and respect public spaces. If you want to photograph local residents, ask for their permission and ensure their comfort.
  • Dress Appropriately: When visiting temples and sacred places, dress modestly and respect the local cultural traditions.
  • Bring Cash Reserves: Ensure you carry a small amount of cash to cover entrance fees, shopping, and photo fees (if necessary) when entering the village.
Quang Phu Cau Village
Quang Phu Cau Village


Quang Phu Cau, with its Incense Village, is a captivating showcase of Vietnam’s enduring traditions and cultural vibrancy. The village offers a sensory journey through the art of incense-making, providing visitors with a unique and memorable experience. From vibrant workshops to guided tours, Quang Phu Cau encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese heritage, inviting all who visit to appreciate its craftsmanship, spirituality, and timeless allure.

Oanh Phạm

Written by Oanh Phạm