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Day 0: Transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang
Day 1: Ha Giang city – Bac Sum Slope – Quan Ba Heaven gate – Twin mountain – Yen Minh –
Tham Ma Slope – H’mong King Palace – Dong Van Town.
Day 2: Dong Van Town – Volunteer Youth Monument – Ma Pi Leng Pass – See the overview of
Nho Que River – Meo Vac – Ha Giang City – Ha Noi (back by night sleeper bus private cabin
at 8.30 pm)


Ha Giang – a majestic natural land located in Northern Vietnam. This place is renowned for its winding mountain passes, extensive terraced fields, and breathtaking scenery. Exploring Ha Giang, travelers can admire pristine natural landscapes, engage in adventurous activities, and discover the diverse cultures of the local ethnic groups.

Ha Giang is a paradise for adventurous souls. Its winding mountainous roads, lush green fields, and majestic mountain ranges form a stunning natural masterpiece. With the unique cultures and traditions of the indigenous ethnic minorities, Ha Giang attracts not only nature lovers but also culture enthusiasts.

Ha Giang evokes a sense of tranquility and harmony with nature in the hearts of visitors. From the top of the mountain passes, one can gaze down at the colorful landscapes of terraced fields and the Nho Que River. Every corner of Ha Giang holds interesting and enticing surprises, providing travelers with a chance to rediscover inner peace and enjoy a simple life amidst magnificent nature.

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Ha Giang city - Bac Sum Slope - Quan Ba Heaven gate - Twin mountain - Yen Minh - Tham Ma Slope - H’mong King Palace - Dong Van Town.

8.30 am: The tour starts at our homestay in Ha Giang City, Our tour guide and drivers will brief you on how to be safe to sit behind with easy riders.
On the first day, you will see a big change in the scenery when you drive onto the mountain roads. We will stop at Bac Sum Slope to enjoy the view and have drinks before arriving at the town of Quan Ba. The tour takes you through the Dong Van Karst Geopark – a major heritage site in Vietnam. You will see a lot of terraced rice fields, thousands of limestone rocks magnificent views, and hidden villages at the Valley. People will be working on the land and you will get a taste of rural north Vietnamese countryside life. Our riders also take you to the Quan Ba Heaven gate & Twin Mountains – the famous viewpoint in Ha Giang. We will have lunch in a local restaurant in Yen Minh Town. After lunch, we drive to Dong Van Town, You will make a stop at Tham Ma Slope and the residence of the Vuong family, which is still called “H’mong King Palace”. Then we will come to homestay and have dinner in Dong Van Town.

After having breakfast at the homestay, on this day you will have a chance to see the most beautiful landscape in Ha Giang and see the amazing heaven pass – Ma Pi Leng pass where you can see the Nho Que river underneath. This pass is well known, most tourists call this the most beautiful part of the loop. Just after the pass, you will take another road back to Yen Minh. This road takes you through equally beautiful landscapes as the first day. From Yen Minh, the route takes you back to Ha Giang City. During the tour, you will see the different cultures and hill tribes such as the H’mong tribe living in the Ha Giang province. Their beautiful clothes are easily recognizable. You will be impressed along the way by all aspects of the trip,  the stunning views, fascinating country life, and beautiful cultures. The whole trip is an immensely rewarding experience and will give you life-long memories. Our tour ends around 5 pm, and you will be back to Ha Noi by night sleeper bus at 8.30 pm

Inclusions & Exclusions


Transportation from Ha Noi to Ha Giang and back
+ Sleeper bus luxury private cabin (pick up at hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter from 7.30 to
8 pm)
+ Limousine bus (pick up at hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter from 3.00 to 3.30 pm)
– Free homestay in Ha Giang City (traditional house)
– Accommodation: Private room in Homestay
– All food includes: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
– Professional English tour guides
– Experience easy riders
– All entry fees.
– Protective gear, helmet, raincoat
– Semi-automatic motorbikes 110cc, fuel
– Free water during the tour


– Entry Permit to the border area
– Tip for tour guides and riders
– Private drink (beer, coffee,…)


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